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Mountville Community Service Foundation

The Welfare Association established this non-profit foundation to implement projects of benefit to the community (that are not administered by other non-profit organizations). The Mountville Community Services Foundation was given funds to buy the land on the west side of Mountville for Froelich Park, and to build the community swimming pool and the ballpark.

Edward Froelich

Edward Froelich lived his entire life in Mountville, Pennsylvania. He worked as a tobacco business man and owned several farms in the area. He was described by the a community as a respected, compassionate, and often reserved man. Following his death at the age of 82, Froelich donated his entire estate, totaling around 3.5 million dollars to be split evenly between three organizations; the Mountville Welfare Association, the Salvation Army, and the Water Street Rescue Mission to determine what to do with the money. Froelich Park was constructed including the current softball and football fields. The community later voted for the construction of the Mountville Pool. 

MCSF Board

Title                    Name                   Phone #               Email

President           John Henry                              

V.P.                     Greg Workman    717-285-2747

Director             Harry Morgan                          


Director             Lenny Heisey       717-285-2747

Director             Mike Myers                              

Treasurer          Bill Eckman           717-285-2747

Secretary          Ken Hollinger                           

Director            Mark Pugliese         717-285-2747

Director            Diana Bachman                       

Director            Larry Reich            717-285-2747

Pool Manager Connor Rugenstein                 

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